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Multimedia Arts Organization Promoting Life and Healing After Abortion. Producers of the Live Production - The Life Ballet - and 
Arise Sweet Sarah Film and Soundtrack. 
A Letter from Mommy
To Sweet Adrian

My Dear Sweet Adrian, 

Heartbreak is a daily thing now. How I wish a million times over I could undo the wrong I did to you. I remember everything about that day. I felt when they took you from me and that is a feeling that will haunt me the rest of my life. All I want to is to protect you, to comfort you and to hold you. I was so afraid of what others might think, your daddy was too. So we made the worst decision we will probably make in our entire life, up giving you to Jesus, before we even knew you. You are my rock and my angel. Because of you I am stronger and no longer fear what others think. I long for the day to meet you and hold you. Until then I will continue to help those who have made "that" choice. I love you with every part of my being and I know you are happy in heaven. I love you Adrian Samuel. Love you, Your Mommy