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Multimedia Arts Organization Promoting Life and Healing After Abortion. Producers of the Live Production - The Life Ballet - and 
Arise Sweet Sarah Film and Soundtrack. 
Caitlyn's Story

My sister Caitlyn would want her baby to be remembered if she were alive today. She committed suicide ten years ago after desperately telling our mom she had killed her child seven years before that. The lives that have been lost, and those lives we loved, there are absolutely no words for the sorrow. I pray every day that God has forgiven her and taken her into His arms. It was after that devastating day I changed my mind about "choice" forever. Not only had my sister kept that despairing secret for years that she killed her baby, it ended up killing her. My parents lost their daughter and grandchild and I lost my sister and niece or nephew to this holocaust. God forgive us, and we wish we could say this gets easier or that it will ever make sense why there isn't more of an outcry against this evil. I have been spreading news of The Life Ballet and I pray you receive the widespread attention this film much deserves. My parents, and much of my family look forward to seeing it. There isn't a day that goes by where you don't think about abortion and its aftermath. We miss them.

Please remember my sister Caitlyn's baby: Amara Deidre Grace  - 1998