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Letter to Alex
From Mommy

Dear Alex, To My First Precious Son,
It's been seven years but the day feels like yesterday when you were taken from me. I was only 17 when I became pregnant with you. I was young and thought I was in love. When I found out I was pregnant, I was actually happy but scared at the same time. I actually wanted you. I decided to talk to my school counselor to help me. She threatened to tell my mom if I didn't. So I had to tell her. After that, I was told by close family and friends even school counselors that its IMPOSSIBLE for me to keep you. That abortion was my ONLY option. When you are that young and you have close people tell you that you do not have a choice, you believe it. I really felt like keeping you just wasn't a choice because I was manipulated. They lied to me when they told me abortion is not wrong. But I didn't know until it was to late. But to let you know, I stood my ground for you as long as I could that it didn't happen until I was eight weeks pregnant with you. That day was like a horror film that I replay time from time in my mind. I couldn't forgive myself for what I did because I felt that it was selfish if I did. I didn't want to live. Life meant nothing to me because you were not in it. I was always reminded of you. Until I went to a post abortion Bible study it gave me healing. I actually was able to forgive myself because I know you forgave me and most importantly my heavenly father forgave me and he reassured me that you were safe in his heavenly kingdom. That one day I will be able to hold you in my arms and tell you how much mommy loves you. I keep a box with things from the Bible study to remember you. You will forever live in my heart until the day I get to meet you. You have two wonderful brothers. Alex and Dominic. You would of made an awesome big brother! See being pregnant two more times wasn't easy. I had people again telling me to get rid of them that I would have nothing and be nothing. You saved their lives. I had a choice this time and I don't regret them. Now I'm doing better than ever. I have a good job, a nice apartment and a nice car. I defeated the devil. I hope and want God to use me to show other women that we have choices when we are pregnant. That no matter what the circumstances are if you put your trust and love into Him, He will show you the way. He did for me! 
Until We Meet Again Son,
Your Mommy