Thank you to the following supporters who have generously donated to help our film project become a reality! May the Lord bless these individuals for their tangible contribution to LIFE and to messages of healing for people suffering in the aftermath of abortion: 

Tonya Marie Bye; The Rulli Family; The Pappano Family; Annaliese Arena and Mairi Moore's Lemonade Stand; The Thomas Family; Mr. and Mrs. Bruun; The McClellan Family; Catherine Johnson; The Arena Family; Misty Black and The Heart Knows Creations; Betsy Kopor and Rachel's Ministries; Home School Academy Rochester, NY; Eddie and Crystal DeHart of; June Transue; Dawn Yates; and Arlene Nanry and Story of Hope Comfort Care Home; Ray Fitzgerald; The Rohr Family; The Westbrook Family; The Bender Family and The Dreyer Family; Jubilee Christian Church; The Weiler Family; The Vail Family; The Richardson Family; The Pilecki Family; Mossa School of Dance; and Danielle Taylor.

The Life Ballet is the newest artist signed to Verb Records, a division of Merit Music Group, LLC. Verb Records will oversee the production of a feature length film featuring this moving story about the power and importance of life. Verb Records will be in charge of distribution of the film and will also be adding the films original soundtrack to their album roster. All music will be copyrighted by Verb Records and published through Merit Music Group’s publishing company, Hollow Clay Music. Production for the musical score began in June at Tornado House Studios in Tennessee. 

Show Photos 

This photo is from a recent rehearsal for The Life Ballet Film Project. In this scene, a group of mothers and fathers mourn the loss of their aborted children, who are pictured here in a clump. The lie of abortion leaves an innocent child left in an inhumane pile of tissue and torn flesh, while those who made the "choice" realize the lie they were told and the irreversible, tragic mistake of killing their child.